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Ways We Enjoy Magic Cards isn't about how to play Magic or how to win. It describes the incredibly varied ways to play and why each is fun.
There are also lots of engaging pursuits besides playing, and as you learn the game you'll be surprised how much it stays on your mind.
Magic cards interact with each other along many dimensions. This makes the combinations never-ending. The interactions stack up in layers, which makes you feel pretty smart!
Almost every player enjoys analysis, and the complexity of their theories makes people think they are right. You can school them when you stay humble and learn well.
Magic releases new formats every three months, and the newest sets have given us some of the best puzzles yet.
Lots of players use new cards; some decks contain new mixed with old. Most cards are still affordable - although the market for classic collectibles is starting to mature pretty rapidly.
Like a "combination of chess and poker", every game of Magic is engaging and provides a steady stream of relevant decisions. Few other games can create such a consistent balance.
Many who know Magic very, very well consider it the best game in the world.
When you learn Magic, you'll have a conversation topic with thousands and thousands of bright, friendly people the world over.
Magic's environments are healthy communities. Some people are immature, but most are actually pretty delightful!