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Can I make a list? Any magician can make a list (when they are logged in). What does magician mean? Anyone who has purchased the book is a magician. What if I received it as a gift? Then you are a muggle. Become a magician by buying a copy for your friends and family. Then you can make lists! How can I log in? If your Facebook email is the same as the email where you received the book, the easiest way to log in is to click "Sign in with Facebook". Otherwise, if you are a muggle you received a password in your inbox, and if you are a magician you received a link to the confirmation page, which allows you to set your password. Can I add to lists? Many lists will allow suggestions, even if you are not logged in! But, your suggested content won't be visible to anyone until it has been approved by the magician who created the list. How can I format the list? List designations and expressions both allow Markdown formatting. Markdown is a form of HTML that is more human-readable. With Markdown, you can do everything that HTML can do, but you don't need to break up your content with tags. Can I embed videos and stuff? Yes. Lists are flexible enough to be fully-featured articles. There's no limit on length, so you could write an entire article in one list item if you like. Why can I add a list to an item in another list? We allow nested lists to support grouped content (for instance, good sideboard spells for each color). This also supports the randomization tools: maybe your list is ordered but the sub-groups are randomized. Or, other way around, the main list could be randomized but the items in the sub-lists are ordered or even numbered. What are the list modes? Randomized lists will appear in a random order every time they are viewed. Ordered lists will appear in their set order, and Numbered lists will appear in their order with numbers next to each item in the list. What does "just for my muggles" mean? Any lists and list items that you mark as just for your muggles will be invisible to everyone except the four people (per purchase) that you invited to share your copy of the book.