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17: Hashtag MTG and the OP
Magic’s online communities are vibrant, funny, coherent sources of information, entertainment, opinions and rants.

Magic has been discussed online early and often. Since people began using Magic cards around the same time they began using the Internet, there are some sites like MTG Salvation and Deviant Art that have served the community for years. Others are bringing fresh perspectives and tools to bear. Some commentators create Magic content as a full-time job, and many do part-time.

There’s a large amateur presence on sites such as Reddit, and lots of Magic pros and WotC staff are active on Twitter. Facebook is home to many groups that foster discussion of different slices of Magic appreciation. And, YouTube has a bevy of content including deck reviews, set and product reviews, news and speculation, Commander matches, scripted series and some good rants.

There are many directories for card information, and a few tools that help you manage your own deck ideas and card collection. Magic cards present a lot of avenues for interpretation and the sites we have now are just scratching the surface, and if you’d like to make your own, you’ll have access to card data and images from the mothership.