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Blue is patient, adept, and mentally sharp: ready for many things.

Blue is the color of water, air, and ice. There’s no dirt; and nothing to build with. But there’s plenty of room to hide - and there may be traps.

There’s lots of beautiful wildlife in these habitats - and it likes staying wild. Evasion is second nature to these creatures. But if they’re a bit hard to tame, they’re twice as belligerent towards your foes. They have a very natural sense of who their friends are.

While the bulk of blue’s minions are somewhat brainless (aside from the wizard guild), its other resources are anything but. Blue is the color that understands that it is involved in a card game. It treats the opponent’s creatures like cardboard - returning them to the hand, shuffling them into the deck, or just turning them sideways so they can’t see what’s coming. Blue can’t send them to the graveyard - but it can fly over them, or become invisible (unblockable).

Blue decks let you draw more cards than any other color, and only blue has the ability to literally cancel spells cast by opponents. These are tremendous advantages - if you use them at the correct moment. Blue seems to be the hardest color to master.