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4: Build a Netdeck
Magic is kinda older than the ‘net, so the nickname for copying a deck you looked up is “netdecking”.

Magic decks are aesthetic, and most players have certain strategies they gravitate to, and others they avoid. In fact, it's a rite of passage to decry netdecks and proclaim the importance of making your own, original deck! But, don't miss the forest for the trees. Copying someone else’s deck is a good idea if you are interested in learning how to consistently win.

Having the deck won’t be enough. You’ll have to make smart decisions throughout each round in order to identify your small advantages and turn them into big ones. Each player has resources that are constrained in some ways and limited in others. If you can make their limits matter more than your constraints (or something like that), you can prevail. Having a competitive deck is only the first step (albeit a really good one).

At a local tournament, a card-for-card copy of the Pro Tour winner might be enough. At a regional event, where dozens of other players will have that, the victors are often people who have made some small adjustment to gain an edge in the mirror match: when both players have similar decks. This is one technique that drives the evolution of the meta-game from week to week. On the other hand, in the healthiest metas, it can be more of a revolution; where a completely new brew takes down the field.